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CLAHRC Evaluation Guide

Developed by NIHR CLAHRC Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland in 2012 for clinicians and NHS Managers to help guide them through the process of evaluation

Further information

Resources Further Information The following are some suggested resources that you may find useful.  However, there are lots of useful guides and tools out there including tools for specific areas, for example the National Obesity Observatory have developed tools for evaluating... Read more

Case studies

Resources Case Studies The following case studies have been developed to illustrate how evaluation can be used to inform your decision making.  We plan to continue to add to this database so please contact us if you would like to share your evaluation with... Read more

Review & Act

Review & Act Make sure you use your findings from your evaluation to inform your decision making.


Do Strengthen your evaluation by using a mixture of data collection methods to enable you to triangulate your findings.


Plan Ensure that the purpose of your evaluation is identified and clearly articulated.


Assess Evaluation requires an investment of time, money and resources and so before you begin assess whether you should be conducting an evaluation before making the investment.

Identify & Understand

Identify & Understand Having a good understanding of your planned service will improve your evaluation.