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Evaluation Planning Checklist The BNSSG Research and Evidence Team Checklist has been designed to help with the process of planning your evaluation. It will enable you to become clear about what you intend to do, what data you need to collect and... Read more

Evidence culture

Influencing the culture A key enabler in the strengthening of an evidence and evaluation culture is good access to relevant evidence; this toolkit can help guide commissioners towards this. Public Health departments within the Local Authority provide expert support in accessing and... Read more

What is evaluation?

Definition Definitions for Evaluation have a common theme of judging or comparing the merit or worth of something. “A study in which research procedures are used in a systematic way to judge the quality or worth of a service or intervention,... Read more

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Contacts Local Services and contacts Click on your area below to see a number of local options you can access for support.   If you need support with accessing evidence please visit the Contacts page on the Evidence Works website.


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Why a toolkit? There is an increasing demand for the use of evidence in our decision making for new and existing services.  Our EvidenceWorks and EvaluationWorks toolkits have been developed to facilitate the creation and use of Evidence.  Monitoring and Evaluation is... Read more

Evaluation of a Health Trainer Service

This evaluation was set up to compare practice and client outcomes at three different bases, and to understand the experience of clients and other stakeholders.