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The following are some suggested resources that you may find useful.  However, there are lots of useful guides and tools out there including tools for specific areas, for example the National Obesity Observatory have developed tools for evaluating interventions for tackling obesity.  If you would like some help in identifying these then please e-mail us on

Please note that we are not responsible for the content of external sites and are for guidance only.

Guidelines for Patient and Public Involvement in Evaluation

These guidelines aim to support anyone working in evaluation to embed patient and public involvement (PPI) into their evaluation activities...

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Best Practice Guidelines in the Ethics and Governance of Service Evaluation

These guidelines offer a framework for the governance of service evaluation and a code of good practice around ethics. Mechanisms...

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Avon Primary Care Research Collaborative Draft Guide

APCRC Draft Evaluation Guide Original APCRC toolkit

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Avon Primary Care Research Collaborative Draft Toolkit

APCRC Draft Toolkit

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Magenta Book

Magenta Book: Developed by HM Treasury to support evaluation of policy

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